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APM intelligence – combines structured data on French hospitals with deep analysis from APM’s editorial arm to provide a powerful business intelligence platform.

The production and maintenance of 200 horizon analyses/portraits on the principal GHT/ARS establishments, provides suppliers to this market with an intuitive platform to engage with their customers.

Delivered via a web-based interface the creation and extraction of data, graphics, analytics and news will reinforce and enhance the performance of your commercial functions.


Established: 2018, summer

Portraits (12-24 months): medical projects, investment projects, local (ARS) & regional (GHT) partnerships, finance, research …

Data: 1600 establishments, 135 GHT (regional consortia), 150 indicators

News: 1500 articles per year, 7 journalists, local/regional coverage

Users: Supply chain managers to Hospitals – drugs, medical equipment, facilities, building, IT etc

Format: web, mobile, xls,

Access: on subscription