APM International’s use of PMSI data

APM International had its authorisation from French national commission for data protection (CNIL – DE-2023-020) renewed on 9 March 2023. This decision allows APM to set up automated operations for research and evaluation purposes using data from the French medicalised information system programme (PMSI) relating to the fields of medical, surgical or obstetric wards (MCO), in post-acute and rehabilitation care (SSR) and hospitalization at home (HAD)

APM International is authorised to reuse PMSI data for the following purposes:

  • to analyse public health polices or the results of public health policies
  • to analyse the healthcare landscape by creating activity indicators for individual hospitals and clinics or for a hospital group or for a particular region.
List of operations carried out or being carried out by APM using PMSI data

Work of hospitals and clinics specialising in general medicine, surgery and obestrics +

To guarantee the protection of data from the PMSI, APM International has committed to strictly respect the legalisation and regulation surrounding access to personal healthcare data (for more information, see the commitment to the legislative and regulatory framework: https://www.indsante.fr/sites/default/files/Documents_publics/Documents_publics_1_0) and https://www.apmintelligence.com/donnees_personnelles.php

APM International is therefore charged with pseudoanonymising personal health data, namely ensuring the data does not directly identify individuals.

Regarding PMSI data, you can exercise your rights to access, correct and oppose it with the director of the organisation managing the obligatory health insurance scheme you are attached to, in line with what is laid in article R.1461-9 of France’s public health code.

Broadcast and transparency of results from APM International’s analysis of PMSI’s data.

APM International circulates the results of the PMSI analysis of its sites, mainly APMNews https://www.apmnews.com and APM Intelligence https://www.apmintelligence.com.